Assignment Three

Discuss the process and value (commodity or cultural wealth) of either, lithography, photography or printmaking as described by the formal historical text. Read Benjamin’s “Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” and use that as a basis for ascertaining the two views of value for the process and some examples – Ansel Adams photography, Durer litho’s, Warhol’s printmaking or silk-screening. We then present in class and discuss the viewpoints of the students.

Different Forms of Value

Monetary Values –

Monetary value is value in currency that a person, business, or the market places on a resource, product, or service. In fact, most goods and services in our modern economy are priced based on monetary value.


Supply versus Demand



Cultural Values –

A culture’s values are its ideas about what is good, right, fair, and just. Sociologists disagree, however, on how to conceptualize values. Conflict theory focuses on how values differ between groups within a culture, while functionalism focuses on the shared values within a culture. For example, American sociologist Robert K. Merton suggested that the most important values in American society are wealth, success, power, and prestige, but that everyone does not have an equal opportunity to attain these values. Functional sociologist Talcott Parsons noted that Americans share the common value of the “American work ethic,” which encourages hard work. Other sociologists have proposed a common core of American values, including accomplishment, material success, problem‐solving, reliance on science and technology, democracy, patriotism, charity, freedom, equality and justice, individualism, responsibility, and accountability.





National Monuments


Personal Values –

These values are the magnets in my moral compass. They allow me to make difficult decisions with conviction…where many men might waiver. Having values—and being able to define them—makes life easier. If you are asking yourself what your personal values are but find yourself fumbling for an answer, don’t fret.


Title Page – with course number


Abstract – purpose of paper – To discuss the means of establishing “value”? – 100 words


1st Section – Diverse forms of value as listed above. – 300 words


2nd Section – As digital/photo/litho became easily reproducible how has value changed? – 500 words


3rd Section – Using the research links below provide facts to support your position – 400 words


Conclusion – Your personal opinion from your observations and research – 200 words




Due Date: 11/16/18


Walter Benjamin“Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” – click link here



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