Outline for Final Paper



This paper will focus on my personal Digital Future. What is becoming relevant for my career.

Select 5 career opportunities from either indeed.com or glassdoor.com

Build these jobs in a 5 year arc for your career. Use descriptions and links for each opportunity.

  1. Entry level
  2. Junior – level
  3. MidLevel position
  4. Senior level
  5. C Level position

What skills will you need to develop in order to achieve this career arc. What skills do you have leaving school and how will you keep developing your skills? 

Why do you think these skills will help you moving forward. 

What will be the difficulties? 

Which corporations do you think will give you these opportunities?

How does your portfolio reflect your future career opportunities?



Are you going to continue to go forward? How will you do it?

Paper Due: 12/20/18