Art 85 MidTerm

Lascaux Cave painting, France.
17,000 BP
Ishango Bone Use to measure, keep tally. Found in Africa
Petroglyphs Carvings on rocks. Southwest USA
Hieroglyphics Egyptian symbols
Sumerian First true letter shape
Cuneiform First organized letter shape. Same cohesive look.
Phoenician First 26 letter alphabet
Roman/Greek Simplified and organized version of Phoenician
Sanskrit Ancient language similar to Arabic
Rosetta Stone Stone with scripture in 3 languages. Used to decipher. Used for translation.
Unical Capital letters. Just uppercase.
half-unical First time having both uppercase and lowercase together. New level of organization.
Column of Trajan 100 ft tall Roman column for Emperor Trajan.
Tells his story in a spiral down the column.
Book of Kells Ancient book to convert pagans to Christianity.
Michelangelo Sistine chapel
DaVinci Mona Lisa, Last Supper
Titian Venus of Urbino
Raphael ‘Assunta’ (Assumption of the Virgin Mary)
Durer German etchings, leading craftsman – 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
German Renaissance Use of black letter shapes. Heavier gothic type.
Pi Sheng First moveable type – jade
Gutenberg First use of printing press. 1450
Mainz City where Gutenberg’s first press was housed
Lyons Start of printing in France
Copperplate First commercialized typeface
Jensen Typographer
Grilla Typographer
Garamond Typographer
Caslon Typographer
Didot Typographer
Bodoni Typographer
Manitus Inventor of first italic typographer
Poor Richards Almanac First modern newspaper. Publisher: Ben Franklin
Senefelder Inventor of lithography
Chromolithography Use of multiple colors. Lithography with multiple colors.
Machine printing First time they hooked up to an actual machine. Increased production.
Goudy Typographer
Linotype Machine typography. First time type could be set in a machine. Full lines of type set to whatever height and width you specify.
VOGUE First magazines
Harper’s Bazzar First magazines. Weekly
Cheret French posters. Very specific aesthetic/style.
Beggarstaff Brothers Commercial posters. Not fine art.
Niepce Inventor of photography
Talbot Early photographer
Daguerre Inventor of Daguerre type
Muybridge Invented motion pictures through photography.
Edison Wizard of Menlo Park – Countless patents.
Tesla Nikola, electricity, radio, etc.
Art Nouveau Decorative art – circular
Bauhaus/Dada  Design School – Art Movement
Art Deco  Non-decorative art style – linear
Farnsworth Inventor of television